The worse new house i have inspected in Sydney

As a buidlng inspector i inspect ,many properties and many different types of properties. New properties are a fair part of that.

i received a call to inspect a new house in SW Sydney that was just finished being built. So i went out there it wasn't finished, there were tradies everywhere and the builder and buyer on site.

Every one of the workers, tradies , the builder and the buyer were all of one race. Indian.

As i pulled up i felt a sense of foreboding , this cant be good.
As i inspected the property i was given the stink eye by everyone of the onsite tradies and the builder.

I had a feeling that not one single worker on site was trained in Australia, maybe excpet the sparkie, but that was doubtful as well.

Anyway the house was a fricking disaster, the worse new house i'd seen by far. here are a few of the problems i came across that day.