Why You Should Get a Building and Pest Inspection Before Buying a Sydney Home

Pest Inspection

If you’re thinking about buying property, it is important to know that you are making a great investment. There are two main inspections that buyers should look into when buying property: a pre-purchase building inspection and a timber pest inspection.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Pre-purchase building inspections are made to determine the condition of the house before you decide to purchase the property and determine whether or not there are any major or minor issues that need to be taken care of. Some common building defects that can be identified during inspections include rising damp, leaks or drainage issues, cracked walls, leaking roofs and safety hazards. Estimates for repair can then be obtained so that a purchase decision can be made (or not), or negotiating on price as required.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

This inspection is carried out on a property by potential buyers before purchase. The difference between a pre-purchase termite inspection and the standard termite inspection is that it specifically includes timber pests including borers, wood decay fungi, and mold. The costs in treating for these pests, remedying any prevailing conditions and repairing damage can then be taken into account in negotiations on the property.

Why Both?

Remember that a building inspection is separate to a pest inspection. While there is a bit of overlap in the contents, there are significant differences as well that may be needed for inspection. A building inspection can identify visual termite damage, but it is not specifically looking for active termites., borers or wood decay.

More importantly, the timber pest inspection involves inspecting up to 30m from the main building for signs of termite activity that can become a potential issue. A number of companies will provide joint inspections like Inner West Property Inspections.

Since many building and pest inspectors often go to the same areas of the property, when one carries out both inspections, it can save time and often will result in a cheaper inspection for the buyer.

However, you need to decide whether want a cheap inspection or a quality inspection, please don't price shop property inspections, it's too important for that.

When you are spending hundreds of thousands to millions on a home, you really should be trying to get a thorough inspection from the best inspector available. Typically this means using an inspection business that specialises in building inspections and pest inspections only. 


Its better to use an inspector that is unbiased and independent if you can. Often a real estate agent will recommend an inspector, which is fine but occasionally you'll find one that will carry out a sub standard inspection. 

It is also important to realise that the real estate agent is acting for the seller, not you, the buyer because, after all, the more issues they find, the greater the chance the sale price will be negotiated harder or the sale could even fall through. 


When trying to decide on your building and pest inspector, find an inspector with experience and those that come recommended, either from friends, work colleagues or through online reviews. Do not choose inspectors based on price alone!

A good inspector is important as they will take time to carry out a comprehensive inspection and will not undervalue their time and expertise, which is exactly what you want for your huge investment.

Qualifications, Licenses and Insurance

Generally, inspectors need to have extensive building industry background experience, public liability and professional indemnity insurance. 

A good inspection company will have no issue showing you these documents on request.

Inner West Property Inspections specialises in Sydney Building and Pest Inspections, get in touch today to see how we can help.


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