New build hand over off the plan Inspection

If you think your brand new - off the plan - house or unit in Sydney contains no defects you are wrong.

off the plan new build Sydney

We come across many defects in new builds, mostly the result of sub standard trade work and the builder not supervising their work closely enough.

Inner West Property Inspections carry out a thorough building, pest and electrical inspection and deliver your report before your handover or in the cooling off/warranty period.

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The following is a list of common defects i find in new properties:

Tops and bottoms of doors not painted.

I actually can't believe how common this one is.

Either the top and bottom of doors are painted in very thin undercoat or not at all. I can understand homeowners not checking this but do builders and painters think inspectors don't look at these things.

Unfinished work behind the fridge.

The area above a fridge, which is usually a cupboard requires a vent or a space to allow warm air from the fridge to rise and vent. Often this area has no outlet for the warm air or it is unfinished and left in bare gyprock, often unsanded. This is poor workmanship, cutting corners out of view.



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