Building inspection

We perform expert building inspection as per Australian Standards  4349.1-2007 and 4349.3-2010

We use the latest inspecting technology to ensure we detect the smallest defects that without the technology could turn into large defects.

Your report will be delivered within 24 hours of the inspection (more often you'll receive it the same day).

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building inspection Sydney

building inspection

What exactly is included in your building inspection?

When a property inspector enters a property he is constantly scanning things. Looking at the paint, the floors, the general condition of a property…before he even starts the inspection.

I like to start the inspection in the kitchen as there is usually a few minor defects there to be found….such as ..poor sealing to the bench top behind the sink, leaking under the sink in the cupboard, bad flooring as  a kitchen is the busiest room in the house etc, the walls are usually copping it if there is no range hood, if there is its often faulty….

Then i circle the house interior looking in the rooms in a clock wise direction looking at (in each room)

  • the floors, condition and bounciness
  • the walls & ceilings, paint condition, cracks, straightness, dampness, moisture
  • the door gaps and closes properly
  • the skirting and cornices, light fitting
  • bathroom sealing, tiles, floor, ceiling, light fitting fan
  • on and on….then the exterior….
  • condition of exterior walls, gutters, down pipes, meter box (i’m an electrician so i like meter boxes)
  • paving and driveway
  • condition of grass and fall of land for water run off and drainage
  • fences
  • eves and soffits….etc etc

And then in the roof space and under the floor…..and then look at the roof exterior…loose or cracked tiles, ridge mortar (common defect)

At the same time as the building inspection looking and testing for termites and timber pests. Especially in the roof space and sub floor.

And also deciding what is a major defect and a minor one.

And taking photos of everything at the same time. As you can see its quite an involved process and you need to know exactly what to look for…you need to know how one thing can affect another…eg, what might seem like simple cosmetic fault could be caused by something far more serious so a bit of investigation skills are required.

A slightly leaning fence could be caused by excess moisture in the ground which could be caused by…..on and on…

Then when the notes are taken on site and pictures taken the inspector will leave and create the report, which is usually delivered to you in pdf format and can be from 20 to 80 pages. I think 80 is way too much and usually includes superfluous information for the average home buyer.

They just want the facts to decide whether to buy the property or not.

So…you can see a building inspection is quite an involved activity and requires experience, a sharp eye, patience and skill.

Good luck with your house hunting.

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