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IWPI is licenced and certified in the three crucial areas of pre listing or pre purchase property inspection.


Building inspection.

sydney building inspections

Rising moisture in sub floor area.

A visual inspection of the following areas as per AS439.1 -2007.

  • The interior
  • The roof void
  • The exterior
  • The subfloor
  • The roof exterior
  • The grounds, paths etc

Pest Inspection.

pest insepction sydney

Soldier and alate termites destroying timber.

A visual, non invasive inspection of timber pest ingress as per AS4349.3-2010 (Inspection of buildings – Timber pest inspections).

Using thermal imaging , scope camera and propriety methods of detection.


Electrical Inspection.

meter box

A standard meter box in good condition.

As a licenced electrical contractor i am uniquely qualified and experienced to detect any electrical problems that may affect the value and/or safety of the property and its inhabitants. Areas checked as per AS/NZS 3000.2007 (Electrical installations) are:

  • Meter box and fuses/circuit breakers.
  • General wiring condition.
  • Condition and operation of lights, switches and power points (GPOs).
  • Earthing.

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Building Inspection Sydney