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  • Wayne was punctual, polite, and neat and tidy. Very professional. He answered our questions and provided a great inspection report that we passed on to our solicitor. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their future home inspected.

    Olivia Karen, Ashfield
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  • Happy with the service provided by Wayne @ Inner West Property Inspections. The property inspected is all the way on the Central Coast and still it was done promptly!

    Omar Ilagan, Buff Point, NSW
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  • Wayne was fantastic. Not only did he perform a very thorough inspection, but the turn around time was incredibly fast. He is an absolute professional, and offers a first class service!

    Nasir Shah, Alice St, Newtown
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  • Wayne provides an excellent service. He explains any issues in terms that the clients can easily understand and offers real world advice on how to go about any repairs or rectification works required. The ultimate professional in his field, and a really nice bloke too!

    Andrew Gee, Principal, MacCleod Real Estate
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  • Wayne was a pleasure to deal with. Was able to organise the inspection with one days notice and was able to provide the report the following day. The report was very detailed picking up even the smallest issues with the building works. Would highly recommend to anyone needed a quality…

    Celeste Kirby-Brown, Randwick
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  • Thank you, Wayne, for your A1 service. Your professionalism and promptness was very much appreciated.

    Vince, Marrickville
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  • I wanted an inspection ASAP and Inner West Property Inspections delivered! Great service, price and fast.

    Robyn Pemberton, Camperdown
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  • Highly recommend Wayne to give a thorough, expert inspection

    Teresa Bisiglo, Annandale
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  • Professional, intelligent and thoughtful service - an honest opinion at a time when you need someone you can really trust.

    Deborah Rice, Lewisham
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  • Wayne was very professional and produced a thorough building report in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him.

    Jack Hu, Ashfield
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  • I would highly recommend Inner West Property Inspections. I found Wayne to be friendly, professional and reliable. He was available at short notice and was thorough in explaining every detail.

    Sandra Dowly, Petersham
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  • Wayne from Inner West Property Inspections carried out a building inspection for me with only 24 hours notice. He was really professional and delivered the report the same day. Great service and highly recommended!

    Valerie Rottger, Newtown
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  • Excellent service great price. Wayne got the job done. Thanks again

    Susan Bellacera, Balmain
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  • Professional and knowledgeable. Care about their clients and take the time to ensure clients have a full understanding of matters. Diligent and great attention to detail. Delightful to deal with.

    Maya Gazzard, Dulwich Hill
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  • Very happy we had Wayne for the pre-settlement inspection of our new unit. He was very professional and thorough, pointing out minor defects that we wouldn't have noticed, and saving us a lot of time and money later. He was also very fast, providing the inspection report within hours. Well…

    Chris Reid, Dulwich Hill
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  • Wayne was punctual, polite, and neat and tidy. Very professional. He answered our questions and provided a great inspection report that we passed on to our solicitor. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their future home inspected.  

    Karen Ling, Ashfield
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  • As a property investor i need a really good building inspector on my side as investing is a numbers game, i cant make mistakes. Wayne is one of the best. His knowledge of inner west Sydney properties is amazing.

    Kevin Krilic , Inner west Sydney
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  • Wayne was very professional and assisted us quickly. We required an inspection with a turnover of 2 days. He was able to provide us with the relevant information so that my fiancé and I could make a better decision when bidding for our future house. Thanks to Wayne and Inner…

    Kai Ikeuchi, Lilyfield
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  • I just had my home inspected by Inner West Property Inspections this week and the peace of mind is worth every cent. I am buying an older inner west home and Wayne was skilled, patient and thorough. I highly recommend this service.  

    Genevieve McCabe, Canterbury
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  • Mandy Sigaloff

    Wayne from Inner West Property Inspections completed the job. He was prompt, turned up on time and send me the reports needed.

    Mandy Sigaloff, Balmain
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  • Ian Scrutton

    Inner West Property Inspections were very prompt, efficient and professional for our dilapidation report in Glebe.

    Ian Scrutton, Glebe
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  • Jacqueline Young

    Wayne at Inner West Property Inspections is friendly, courteous and thorough. He is also very informative & I would definitely recommend him for your property inspection service.  

    Jacqueline Young, Balmain
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  • William J

    Thank you so much for the thorough inspection you did for us. Inner West Property Inspections was neat and fast with getting everything done. It was all so easy. Thanks again.

    William J, Strathfield NSW
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  • Gary Williams

    Inner West Property Inspections inspected a house I was looking to purchase in Marrickville. Wayne showed up on short notice as the auction was in 2 days. He provided a great, detailed report and called the next day to clarify something. Top level service and knowledge!

    Gary Williams, Marrickville
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    Building and pest inspection Sydney

    If you are purchasing a property in Sydney you definitely need a building inspection and most likely a combined building and pest inspection.

    Considering Sydney property prices these days an inspection at $400-$500 is a small one off insurance to ensure you're not buying a lemon.

    Local Property Inspections will carry out an inspection for minor & major defects and termites in the property interior and exterior, roof interior, roof exterior, sub floor and the yard including fences.

    About Inner West Property Inspections

    We have been established for 5+ years and have carried out over 1100 residential building inspections.

    We offer inspection services in just about any residential property available, from 120 year old terraces, modern units, brand new off the plan houses and units, town houses, even commercial building inspections.

    We are fully licenced and carry professional indemnity insurance and in that time and that many building inspections have not had one claim but its for your peace of mind that it is there.

    We have many 5star Google reviews as testament to our excellent service and quality of inspections and reports. As can be seen here:

    Most inspections these days are combined building and pest inspection. This allows a cost saving for you rather than paying for separate inspections. Most property inspectors these days are experienced and qualified in both. It is also becoming more common that inspectors offer inspections for damp, mould, pool, meth, dilapidation, strata reports...even depreciation schedules for property investors in some cases.

    Crucially all our building and pest inspection and reports are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard ASAS 4349.1-2007 Pre-Purchase Inspections – Residential Buildings’ and Australian Standard AS 4349.3 Inspections of Buildings - Timber Pest Inspections.Building and pest inspection.

    What can you expect with Inner West Property Inspections?

    Professionalism, accuracy and customer service. Always. Here's the inspection process:

    1.  You've found your dream home, next step is go to our booking page and fill out the online booking form.
    2. We will contact the real estate agent and set up an inspection time.
    3. We then advise you of the inspection time, you can pay at our website at this time.
    4. We'll carry out the inspection and deliver the report to you same day.
    5. If you have questions regarding the property and report we're happy to answer your call. Are Building Inspections worth it? Considering Sydney property prices these days a building inspection at $400-$600 is a small one off insurance to ensure you're not buying a lemon. Costs for remediation could range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands for a major defect. Its just not worth the risk to forego a comprehensive building inspection.

    Full color building inspection report

    Then we will create a comprehensive but easy to understand color building inspection report for your total peace of mind. Some inspection reports extend to 80 pages, mostly legal disclaimers and fluff to pad it out. Our reports are in the range of 20-24pages and include only what you need to know about the property to make a quick purchase decision.

    Also, if you require a follow up phone call to clarify things after reading the report we're happy to oblige.

    Building inspections Sydney inspection areas

    While we originated in Sydney's inner west in 2016 we now carry out inspections all over in Sydney but the inner west still our specialist area.  We are experienced with the type of properties in the area, terraces, semi detached etc. We understand these properties and their issues very well therefore achieving a superior result for our client: You.

    Here's an example: I have seen many times a buyer engages an outer Sydney inspector (outer Sydney = new brick veneer project homes on slab) to inspect a 100 year old terrace or semi detached property in inner Sydney and the inspector is a bit lost. he sees rising damp and because he's not used to it makes a huge deal of it in the report. The reality is rising damp is par for the course in old inner city houses and a local inspector would have to put that in context of the age of the property.

    Our building inspection services

    Not only have we carried out inspections on many types of properties but many types of inspections as well, all in New South Wales:

    • Pre purchase building inspections on the type of properties listed above - mostly for the buyer
    • Vendor inspections - for the seller
    • Off the plan inspections - for new handover houses and units
    • Dilapidation inspections - for people building and/or renovating
    • Strata inspections - to determine the strata situation when buying a flat/strata property
    • Pest only inspections - mainly to check for termites
    • Specialist inspections - for a specific trade, mould, rising damp, pool, meth, cracking etc

    building and pest inspection

    Building and Pest Inspection

    Pest inspection or the inspection for timber pests (termites) is a crucial part of the pre purchase property buying process. Building defects can be minor or major they are mostly quite obvious and therefore not too difficult to rectify in most cases. Sometimes not inexpensive.

    Termite activity is a different situation all together. They are mostly hidden and can do large amounts of damage secretly if left undetected for years.

    I tell clients that regardless of the condition of the property they re looking to purchase it will be still be standing after we're gone. But thats not the case with termites, they can render a house uninhabitable and to be destroyed within 5 years at worse and an expensive treatment and repair bills at best. You can see the absolute importance of a pest inspection.


    termite inspection Sydney

    How to choose a building inspector in Sydney

    Pre purchase property inspections is one of those necessary tasks when buying a house. It is also one where people fo not have a lot of experience.

    The best way to choose an inspector would be a referral from a trusted source, a friend or family member.

    Regardless you could ask them these 4 questions:

    1. Are you insured?
    2. Are you licenced?
    3. Are you experienced?
    4. Then ask how much are your inspections.

    I am astounded that some people pay well over a million dollars (we're talking Sydney here) and then price shop to the tune of $40 for a sub standard building inspection and report.

    A quality building and pest inspector usually won't discount because a quality business has expenses. A poor quality inspector may skip insurance, ongoing education, time on site etc.

    You may be offered a free or low cost building report by the vendor or the real estate agent of the property you are in the market for. My advice would be to pay for an independent inspection, one that is unbiased and absolutely no interest in further referrals by providing a favourable report. Or a less than comprehensive one.

    What should be included in a building inspection report?

    To start with pre purchase building and pest inspections and reports must comply to Australian standard. Australian Standard ASAS 4349.1-2007 Pre-Purchase Inspections and Australian Standard AS 4349.3 Inspections of Buildings - Timber Pest Inspections.Building and pest inspection are the relevant ones.

    That is a minimum standard to work with. In the standard it states the building inspection should cover the following areas of a property:

    • Building interior
    • Building exterior
    • Roof interior
    • Roof exterior
    • Sub floor area
    • Yard and fences to 25m from the property

    The inspection report should cover major and minor defects and you will be asked to sign a pre inspection agreement which lays out the terms and conditions and limitations of the building and pest inspection.

    Many inspection reports these days are tick boxes and use drop down boxes with pre-formatted comments. We prefer the personal route and comment individually and personally on defects and the overall condition of the building. You can download a copy of the standard here.

    building inspection report

    How to find the best building inspection in Sydney:

     You’re buying a property in Sydney and you’re not sure of its condition? It’s a huge amount of money and you don’t want to make a mistake.

    What to do? Get a Sydney building and pest inspection of course.

    Now that’s settled, how do you find a good building inspection business in Sydney?

    You fire up Google, look at the building inspection websites, they all look the same. Same pricing, same services, same promises. Same Same!

    Well not Inner West Property Inspections. We pride ourselves on customer service and value and we like to do things differently.

     Have a look at the following and if the other inspectors’ websites can offer what we can, feel free to use them.

    If not go HERE and book an inspection. Before you purchase not after!

    So here’s what we offer:

    1. Free same day report delivery. Get your building report same day (if we inspect before 12 noon). Many inspectors charge for fast delivery of reports. We include it in our industry best service.  
    2. Thermal imaging photography is available at a moderate additional fee. (see pricing page for details) 
    3. +$50 electrical inspection with your building and pest report by a licenced electrician. 
    4. Building, + termite + electrical inspection and report only $595 inc. GST
    5. We inspect 6 days.
    6. 24 years experience as a contractor in the building industry.
    7. Wayne – the owner – is a long time property investor and home renovator.
    8. Licenced and fully Insured for professional indemnity and public liability.
    9. Committed to one on one personal service. Not a franchise.
    10. Easy to read, balanced and comprehensive colour reports.

     So…If you can find an inspection company with all the above, please use them. If not you can call Wayne on 0492 961 622 or book your inspection HERE.

    Remember… us before you buy not after!

    How to save thousands of dollars on your Sydney property purchase using your building inspection and report.

    Property buyers consider the cost of a building and termite inspection another necessary cost to purchasing a property. As it is.  

    It is kind of an insurance policy with a once off premium, the cost of the inspection and report. Usually between $400-$500.

    What can you do with a pre purchase building report? There are 3 options for you.

    Option 1: Consider the house has too many issues and walk away to look for another one.

    Option 2: Accept the property as per the building report and purchase as you’re worried you’ll lose it if you don’t.

    Option 3: Use the building report as a negotiation tool. And a powerful one.

    This article is about option 3. Firstly I need to mention that negotiating on a property is a largely a consideration of the state of the market in your area at the time you’re buying.

    EG: If the vendor has 4 other offers on his table he is not going to be very open to negotiate with you. Conversely if he has none and the market is a bit slow, he may listen to you and play the negotiation game. Regardless its always worth trying.

     Here are a few methods depending on your building and termite report:


    No. 1: Termites

    I know from experience most people just lose it at the word “termites” but there’s no need to. But you will need some expert advice.

    The fact is these crafty little insects could be your ticket to saving thousands of dollars.

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is termites-in-Campbelltown-NSW-2.jpg

    If termite activity is uncovered most vendors already know they are present. Either they are going to have to pay for termite treatment and repairs so the property can sell or the buyer will.

    Ask the agent or vendor to supply a specialised report outlining the extent of termites and the damage they have caused and then start negotiating. Hard.

    If the damage is minor and not structural you can live with it for now and get a specialised termite inspection and treatment to completely eradicate them.

    Additionally if you're planning on major renovations or a knock down and rebuild, the presence of termites become less crucial (the vendor doesn't know what your plans are for the property) so negotiate hard.


    No. 2: Water damage

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is water-damage-in-Cronulla-NSW.jpg

     If a building report identifies water damage to the property caused by a leaking pipe, roof leak, rising or lateral damp or other, you may be able to negotiate a reduction in price in line with the cost of rectification….and then some.

    If you're really keen on the property get a couple of quotes to rectify the damage and the cause and then use that to negotiate, plus a dollar buffer for your inconvenience.

    There are many causes of water damage and they all need repair so use this to your advantage.


    No. 3: Bedrooms

    We all know the number of bedrooms influences its value greatly. The tip here is to ensure that what is called a bedroom legally constitutes a “bedroom”.

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Hornsby-House-plan-1.jpg

    There are regulations around room size, ceiling height, windows, ventilation etc as to what constitutes a bedroom and we all know real estate agents can get creative in this area.

    So if you have doubts that a property being marketed as a 3 bedroom is really a 2 bedroom home or a 4 bedroom house is really a 3 bedroom, do some research and come back with your info and use it to negotiate.

    This info may or may not arise in the building report as a building inspection focuses more on defects than compliance issues but if you have doubt mention it to your building inspector, you may have come up with a great negotiating tool and a way to save a lot of money.


    No.4: Structural issues

    Issues with the structure and safety of a dwelling is an excellent way to negotiate thousands of dollars off the asking price.

    Problems like broken or leaning piers, rusted roofs and unauthorised renovations are not cheap to repair and can lead to legal issues, so if these are identified in your building report you’ll have a great place to start negotiating.  

    Similarly pool fence compliance, retaining walls, first floor window compliance, safety of verandas and balconies, including stairs and railings, all need to be compliant.

    Negotiate the cost to rectify these items and you could end up with some new renovations and save yourself money.


    No.5: Asbestos

     The word asbestos with termites is another word buyers get emotional with, and I a negative way. But it doesn’t need to be the case.

    Many homes built prior to 1987 contain asbestos in some shape or form. It can be found in wet area sheeting, exterior sheeting, eves and soffits, carpet underlay, the dreaded Mr Fluffy roof insulation, even linoleum.

    Asbestos in Penrith NSW

    It is generally safe as long as it isn’t interfered with as in broken, cut, drilled etc….anything that can release the fibres. And most of it is painted.

    But it can be a possible negotiating tool as the word engenders such emotion.

    It is often not included in a general building and termite inspection and may need to be an added specialist inspection but if its is discovered and you think it may be an issue but you’re still interested in the property go here to check your options.

    Then get a quote or two for removal and reinstatement with modern material and use this to negotiate with the vendor.

    So there you have it. Instead of walking away from a property you may be interested in you can at least use the building report attempt to negotiate a substantial discount.

    If the vendor doesn’t want to play ball and you’re prepared to let it go, then walk away.


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