Pre purchase property inspection Sydney

building inspection Sydney

Pre purchase property inspection Sydney

When you buy a property in Sydney – yes with the outrageous prices – you need to ensure you get a Pre purchase property inspection Sydney.

You don’t want to buy a lemon for the amount of money you’re spending or should i say borrowing.

A pre purchase building report includes the condition of the following:

  • roof exterior
  • roof interior
  • grounds
  • property interior
  • property exterior
  • sub floor area

And is generally divided into major and minor defects. A major defect would be something that may make the property inhabitable (or almost) such as severe rising damp or mould or termites.


Structural damage or major cracking in the walls (that is cracks greater than 7mm-8mm wide and long).

A minor defect is anything that doesn’t include the above, like damaged internal walls (non structural), leaking shower, a plumbing problem, minor termites, leaking roof etc.

So don’t forget your Pre purchase property inspection Sydney when you buy a house, it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Which is what home ownership is about.

You can call Wayne on 0418 408 766 or book a Pre purchase property inspection Sydney here.

Inner West Property Inspections also include an electrical inspection and report included free in the building and pest report. We are the only inspection business in Sydney that can do this is Wayne is a licenced electrical contractor. And we’ll deliver your report straight to your inbox within 24 hours. How good is that!

Remember, book an inspection before you buy or in your cooling off period. Also don’t forget there is no cooling off period when you buy at auction. That’s why its incredibly important to book a Pre purchase property inspection Sydney before you plan to bid at auction.

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Some general info on property inspection here.

pre purchase property inspection Sydney

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