Electrical Inspection Sydney

The cost of rewiring a house is between $5000 and $20 000!

That expense is on top of your purchase price. Many inner west houses have sub standard wiring and switchboards.

We include an electrical inspection and report at no cost with your building and pest inspection.

We are licenced electrical contractors and are in a unique position in the building inspection industry to provide this service.

You need to know up front the condition of the electrical system especially in older inner west houses, many of which have been added on ad lib over the years.

Undersized consumer mains, decrepit old meter panels, ancient cotton, rubber and poorly installed wiring, porcelain fuses, no safety switch, no smoke alarms…on and on…for your peace of mind we will inspect all this and report.

Below are just a few examples of old electrical situations in Sydney that are expensive to rectify and possible dangerous.

You need this info before you purchase the property. Book your inspection Sydney electrical inspection here.

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