Pre Listing inspection

The benefits of a house inspection and report while it is on the  market are many. Below are just a few:

  • Being upfront about the condition of the home may eliminate conditional offers and/or hassles with negotiations, resulting in the seller and agent having to sell the home more than once because a purchaser has pulled out of the sale.
  • Potential problems can be detected giving you the choice of repairing and therefore eliminating negotiating tactics from purchasers.
  • Saving transaction time, smoothing the sales process for yourself and agent therefore likely increasing chance of a sale.
  • Eliminate purchasers being surprised by findings and dropping out of the sale.
  • The inspection report can be used as a marketing tool if desired.
  • Eliminates multiple inspectors booking inspections and trekking through your home.
  • Your property could be in better condition that you thought allowing you (in talks with your agent) to possibly increase your sale price.

How Does a Pre Listing inspection Work?

Contact us before listing the property and we’ll perform the inspection at a reduced fee to our normal purchaser report cost. Within 24 hours you’ll have the report and we’ll send a copy to your agent if you require.

Prospective purchasers can then buy a copy of the report from us at a reduced price of only $195.

Book your pre listing inspection here.

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