Dilapidation report Sydney


dilapidation report sydney

Construction work can impact properties around a work site. Vibrations and construction can damage surrounding buildings or make existing damage worse. If your DA condition is to obtain a dilapidation report in Sydney, you’ve come to the correct website.

At Inner West Property Inspections  dilapidation inspection & report performed prior to starting your project will detail and report  the location, length and condition of any existing cracking or gaps at the neighbouring & affected properties of interest. Making it easy to compare the pre works state to the completed condition.

Here is an example: I recent was booked to carry out a dilapidation report Sydney, on a town house kitchen renovation which included knocking out a wall. The strata insisted the owner get a dilapidation survey and report. All good so far…….but by the time i got out there to take photos of the neighboring properties they had already started work….and had already caused cracking in the neighbors town house.

The problem here is that there was no record of the condition of the neighbors unit from before they started work (which is exactly what this is for). The long and short of it was they went to court because there was no agreement on what damage was existing and what was caused by the building works. It was an expensive exercise all round and could have been avoided with a simple $325 dilapidation report before they started work. Don’t make the same mistake.


Whether the project is large or small we provide our inspection expertise and written report with color photographs, that will help all stake holders if there are complaints that the works have caused damage. The cost of a dilapidation report (for a residential property up to $2m in value) is $365. Two properties inspected at the same time $650.

dilapidation report Sydney

Contact us before beginning your project, certainly not after.

Call Wayne on 0418 408 766 or book your dilapidation inspection and report HERE.

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