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Our clients love us:

  • Wayne was punctual, polite, and neat and tidy. Very professional. He answered our questions and provided a great inspection report that we passed on to our solicitor. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their future home inspected.

    Olivia Karen, Ashfield
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  • Happy with the service provided by Wayne @ Inner West Property Inspections. The property inspected is all the way on the Central Coast and still it was done promptly!

    Omar Ilagan, Buff Point, NSW
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  • Wayne was fantastic. Not only did he perform a very thorough inspection, but the turn around time was incredibly fast. He is an absolute professional, and offers a first class service!

    Nasir Shah, Alice St, Newtown
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  • Wayne provides an excellent service. He explains any issues in terms that the clients can easily understand and offers real world advice on how to go about any repairs or rectification works required. The ultimate professional in his field, and a really nice bloke too!

    Andrew Gee, Principal, MacCleod Real Estate
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  • Wayne was a pleasure to deal with. Was able to organise the inspection with one days notice and was able to provide the report the following day. The report was very detailed picking up even the smallest issues with the building works. Would highly recommend to anyone needed a quality…

    Celeste Kirby-Brown, Randwick
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  • Thank you, Wayne, for your A1 service. Your professionalism and promptness was very much appreciated.

    Vince, Marrickville
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  • I wanted an inspection ASAP and Inner West Property Inspections delivered! Great service, price and fast.

    Robyn Pemberton, Camperdown
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  • Highly recommend Wayne to give a thorough, expert inspection

    Teresa Bisiglo, Annandale
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  • Professional, intelligent and thoughtful service - an honest opinion at a time when you need someone you can really trust.

    Deborah Rice, Lewisham
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  • Wayne was very professional and produced a thorough building report in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him.

    Jack Hu, Ashfield
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  • I would highly recommend Inner West Property Inspections. I found Wayne to be friendly, professional and reliable. He was available at short notice and was thorough in explaining every detail.

    Sandra Dowly, Petersham
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  • Wayne from Inner West Property Inspections carried out a building inspection for me with only 24 hours notice. He was really professional and delivered the report the same day. Great service and highly recommended!

    Valerie Rottger, Newtown
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  • Excellent service great price. Wayne got the job done. Thanks again

    Susan Bellacera, Balmain
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  • Professional and knowledgeable. Care about their clients and take the time to ensure clients have a full understanding of matters. Diligent and great attention to detail. Delightful to deal with.

    Maya Gazzard, Dulwich Hill
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  • Very happy we had Wayne for the pre-settlement inspection of our new unit. He was very professional and thorough, pointing out minor defects that we wouldn't have noticed, and saving us a lot of time and money later. He was also very fast, providing the inspection report within hours. Well…

    Chris Reid, Dulwich Hill
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  • Wayne was punctual, polite, and neat and tidy. Very professional. He answered our questions and provided a great inspection report that we passed on to our solicitor. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their future home inspected.  

    Karen Ling, Ashfield
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  • As a property investor i need a really good building inspector on my side as investing is a numbers game, i cant make mistakes. Wayne is one of the best. His knowledge of inner west Sydney properties is amazing.

    Kevin Krilic , Inner west Sydney
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  • Wayne was very professional and assisted us quickly. We required an inspection with a turnover of 2 days. He was able to provide us with the relevant information so that my fiancé and I could make a better decision when bidding for our future house. Thanks to Wayne and Inner…

    Kai Ikeuchi, Lilyfield
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  • I just had my home inspected by Inner West Property Inspections this week and the peace of mind is worth every cent. I am buying an older inner west home and Wayne was skilled, patient and thorough. I highly recommend this service.  

    Genevieve McCabe, Canterbury
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  • Mandy Sigaloff

    Wayne from Inner West Property Inspections completed the job. He was prompt, turned up on time and send me the reports needed.

    Mandy Sigaloff, Balmain
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  • Ian Scrutton

    Inner West Property Inspections were very prompt, efficient and professional for our dilapidation report in Glebe.

    Ian Scrutton, Glebe
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  • Jacqueline Young

    Wayne at Inner West Property Inspections is friendly, courteous and thorough. He is also very informative & I would definitely recommend him for your property inspection service.  

    Jacqueline Young, Balmain
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  • William J

    Thank you so much for the thorough inspection you did for us. Inner West Property Inspections was neat and fast with getting everything done. It was all so easy. Thanks again.

    William J, Strathfield NSW
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  • Gary Williams

    Inner West Property Inspections inspected a house I was looking to purchase in Marrickville. Wayne showed up on short notice as the auction was in 2 days. He provided a great, detailed report and called the next day to clarify something. Top level service and knowledge!

    Gary Williams, Marrickville
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    How to find the best building inspection in Sydney:

     You’re buying a property in Sydney and you’re not sure of its condition? It’s a huge amount of money and you don’t want to make a mistake.

    What to do? Get a Sydney building and pest inspection of course.

    Now that’s settled, how do you find a good building inspection business in Sydney?

    You fire up Google, look at the building inspection websites, they all look the same. Same pricing, same services, same promises. Same Same!

    Well not Inner West Property Inspections. We pride ourselves on customer service and value and we like to do things differently.

     Have a look at the following and if the other inspectors’ websites can offer what we can, feel free to use them.

    If not go HERE and book an inspection. Before you purchase not after!

    So here’s what we offer:

    1. Free same day report. Get your building report same day (if we inspect before 12 noon). Some inspectors charge for fast delivery of reports. We think it should be included in our great service. Yes Free!
    2. +$50 licenced electrical inspection in your building and pest report. Only $50!
    3. Thermal imaging photography available at no extra cost. (*if required). Yes Free!
    4. Building, termite and electrical inspection and report only $495.
    5. We inspect 6 days.
    6. 24 years experience as a contractor in the building industry.
    7. Wayne – the owner – is  a long time property investor and home renovator.
    8. Licenced and fully Insured for professional indemnity and public liability.
    9. Free 30 minute consultation after the inspection. You’re welcome to contact me to discuss the property and any issues.
    10. We send you the full high resolution picture files from the inspection. This is separate to the report. Again Free.
    11. Committed to one on one personal service. Not a franchise.
    12. Easy to read, balanced and comprehensive colour reports.

     So…If you can find an inspection company with all the above, please use them. If not you can call Wayne on 0418 408 766 or book your inspection HERE.

    Remember… us before you buy not after!

    Top 3 questions to ask your building inspector about your Sydney property inspection:

    Lets talk about the top three questions to ask your home inspector for a building inspection in Sydney.

    Question number one: What is the biggest safety issue that you saw during the inspection, if any? 

    That should be your top priority and it is addressed in the report. The safety issue might be as small as a missing RCD (safety switch) or it might be something as large as structure damage or a trip hazard in the backyard. The first question you need to ask is, are there any and what is the biggest safety concern?

    Question number two is, what is the biggest cost issue that you see?

    This one can be a little bit tricky because the home inspector might not know the exact cost  for remediation but they are certainly going to know the most significant item they see during the inspection.

    If you’re buying a house or a townhouse.  You might have something like 10 - 20 minor items appear on the report.

    They could range in value from $20 up to maybe $5,000 or more. 

    What I tell people is to mostly focus on the major items. Only focus on the big ticket items. Items that are costly. Don’t worry about things that are $100 or $250, every single house has those. Focus on the things that are going to cost thousands of dollars. These are the things that you will make you decide to walk away from the property or possibly use in negotiation with the vendor.

    And finally, the third thing to ask your home inspector is, if you were purchasing this house, what would be your top priority? Would you buy it?

    Depending on how you word this question the inspector may not be inclined to answer. They may want to kind of excuse themselves and not get in the way of your decision to purchase. But if you word it correctly, most inspectors can answer.

    And I think the goal of that question is to take them out of their home inspector shoes and put them into a purchasers shoes. A purchaser mindset, change the framework.

    I think that would give a little bit of an insight to see what sort of issues are important.

    And what sort of issues were kind of just put on the report to show that they were just doing their job.

    Because, let’s face it...

    If your house is perfect and there’s nothing wrong with it, the home inspector is still going to find things wrong that will need to be fixed because they need to do their job and show that they are doing something for their $400-$500.

    Because if they give you a building report that is empty, that shows everything is great. No house is 100% perfect, not even a new one!

    If there is nothing on the report - not one defect - you’re going to think that you wasted $500. So even if you’re house is perfect (or close to), they’re still going to find issues that are wrong with it so there so something on the report. But no house has zero defects. Not one.

    So I think those are the top three questions that you need to be asking your home inspector.

    Safety, monetary value, and then the third question is if i was looking at the Sydney property - the one you're getting inspected - would i buy it?.

    The  answer is always "yes, at the right price"..... i would buy ANY property at the right price but that's a whole different discussion.

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